Hair product review : Tigi Catwalk Volume collection Your highness

Hello everybody

today I am presenting you a hair product brand that I discovered on the website Asos : Tigi Catwalk. Tigi is a famous international brand known for its products labeled Bed Head among others. The catwalk line I am presenting you is said to be inspired by fashion and designed by hairdressers. It is composed of 3 collections:

  • Your highness provides volume
  • Curlesque enhances natural curls
  • Sleek Mystique gives silky glossy fluid hair

Going through the ingredients of the 3 collections, I decided to purchase the volume collection called your highness. I was pretty much intrigued by the smell of it as it contains lavender, wisteria, jasmine and violet. I got the nourishing conditioner and the thickening gel creme from asos for less than 20€ because they were on sale, too bad I could not find the shampoo. Anyway, the nourishing conditioner is 250 ml, it is said to be weightless and to leave the hair soft and full of body.As I have curly hair, I need a conditioner to detangle it and this one worked perfectly fine, I could comb my hair very easily with the product on. It comes in a creamy texture and it is indeed quite weightless but I did not like the bottle cap, I did not find it practical to use. The hair felt soft afterwards but the shine did not increase much, it looked glossy as any clean wet hair does.

The thickening gel creme is 215 ml, it is said to promote impeccable fullness with amazing manageability and shine. The filters of the formula are said to protect the hair while making it feel thicker and healthier.

This leave-in product comes in a translucent purple gel texture, it is very light once applied and it definitely gives great manageability to the hair. It also becomes shinier but the effect does not last longer than a day on my hair, maybe because it is very dry. The pump bottle is a brilliant idea, it gives the needed amount of product and basically one or two pumps are enough to cover long hair as the gel is very fluid.

So, as a verdict, I have been kind of convinced with the products for the shiny glossy effect on my locks but not at all on the volume, I did not get the big hair I was expecting.

But…the great thing about this collection is the incredibly delicious smell of it. The blend of lavender, wisteria, jasmine and violet is amazing. I find it soothing, reassuring and yet very classy and elegant for a hair product smell and it lasts reasonably on the hair.

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