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Hello beauties

I have been wanting to write this post for a while now, I think we all should have skin food creams that restore the skin in case of dryness, irritation or just lack of comfort.

I have in my vanity-case these 4 allies that I use very often, each for a specific part of the body:

  • Weleda Calendula cream for babies is a must: I first used it in Corsica after I have been bitten all over by mosquitoes, my skin could not tolerate anything. Luckily, I have been advised to use this cream and It provided actual relief. It soothed my skin and calmed down the scratches. It is very gentle and can be used on the face as well. As It contains sesame and sweet almond oils, calendula extract and lavender essential oil, it really moisturizes and nourrishes the skin. Smell is almost absent and texture is very creamy. It needs to be massaged a bit otherwise leaves a greasy film on the skin.





  • Avène Cicalfate deserves to be in your beauty vanity as well: enriched with Avène thermal water, it restores the skin and also has an antibacterial effect. I like to use it on my legs in case of dryness. It is completely odorless, with a thick texture. It kind of leaves a greasy finish too.




  • Aesop hand balm: I think one of my favorite hand creams so far. The scent is amazing, very aromatic, those who don’t stand this kind of smells better look for something less pronounced. It contains bergamot rind, vetiver root and petitgrain, sweet almond, coconut oils, shea and cocoa butters, but it mainly smells (very strongly) the vetiver, aromatic and woody. It is supposed to help restore even the « working hands », I once proposed it to my fiancé who spent couple of hours working on the wheels of this bike and he confirmed the restoring effect.




  • Weleda skin food, the last of my findings. It is very rich in active ingredients: sweet almond oil, orange essential oil, extracts of rosemary leaf, chamomile, calendula, wild pansy…The cream has the thickest texture and is very restorative and soothing that is why I like to use it on the forearms, elbows, knees and when I have a cold and my nostrils are irritated, I use it around the nose, pretty effective!





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