Summer ready skin

Summer is knocking on the door and this urgent need to have a bikini ready skin called for some major daily routine adjustments. I have a sensitive skin that requires deep hydration throughout the year. After finishing my skin food creams, I started looking for highly nutritive products as I noticed very soon that even if I apply body lotion after the shower, this was not enough, my skin was still feeling uncomfortable. For once, I decided to select an ultra-rich body wash as my skin cannot tolerate regular soap anymore and complete it with a highly nutritive body care.

Summer Ready Skin

So I ended up buying:

  • La Roche Posay ultra-rich body wash. It is a soap-free, paraben-free cleanser that helps restore the skin lipid barrier in the shower. The lipid barrier is the natural response of the skin to enable its flexibility among other purposes. Made of keratin, water and lipids, it is also this barrier that embeds the dead cells. By dissolving the lipid barrier of the skin, soap eliminates the dead cells but also the natural protection of the skin. Hence the dryness. What  I really loved about this body wash is first its amazing cotton-like smell. The pharmacist warned me that it was scentless, which is completely wrong, it smells like fresh and clean cotton clothes. It comes in a dense, creamy texture, that turns into delicate foam at the contact of wet skin. I believe it gets rid of the dead cells, I even tried it recently on bicycle grease, it came off very quickly. Finally, when I get out of the shower and have my skin dried, the result is soft, nicely scented and beautiful skin. I love it and my husband uses it too. I think it is one of those products that all the family can use. I read on the brand website that even children can use it.
  • Bio Beauté by Nuxe anti-tightness high-nutrition balm for sensitive skin with natural cold cream. I thought the body wash was not enough given the super high temperature at this time of the year. Well, the product I selected is not for those women in a hurry looking for highly and easily penetrating creams. Be informed that the balms has a very rich texture that needs to be applied and massaged into the skin, it leaves a greasy finish that is absorbed quite quickly if well massaged as I said. You can tell by the smell of this balm that it is highly concentrated in almond oil, in fact it is the second ingredient after water in the product concentration. It also contains rose-water, known for calming irritations and redness and shea butter, along with the almond oil, these two ingredients are famous for their highly nutritive action. Once the balm is massaged into the body, the skin is left delicately scented, soft and comfortable, ready to face the day’s heat and clothes friction. By the way, very small quantity of balm is needed at each application, so the pot will clearly last for a while.

I am really satisfied with this new routine, I think I might stick to it in the future for a beautiful skin, always combining a rich and gentle body wash and a nutritive balm for the body.


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