Sweet and Safe Kiss – Absolution and Christophe Danchaud fundraising

Hello sweeties,

after a marvelous honeymoon in Thailand and Bali, I am back to Paris, back to my blog, with a great news. I have not got the chance to try and review products from this brand, but it is definitely in my plans; have you heard of AbsolutionAbsolution

The first time I came across this brand was a couple of years ago in a french department store, Franck et Fils, where the brand had a tiny small counter. I liked the classy, sobre packaging but did not take it further.

This summer, I found out that a very close friend love their products, so I offered her a day cream for her birthday, bought on the french estore L’Exception.

I have this alert on Google that brings me the latest news about collaborations, and a couple of days ago, I read about this amazing fundraising project that the brand is organizing in collaboration with the makeup artist Christophe Danchaud. What is it about?

Absolution is a brand launched by a former communication agency creative director, Isabelle Carron. The brand products are made of organic ingredients and natural extracts. The packaging is really worth seeing, it is arty and graphical, very different from the usual organic products. Can’t say much more about them as I have not tried them yet but this will not last long!Isabelle CarronChristophe Danchaud

So absolution is organizing a fundraising operation on KissKissBankBank for a very relevant project. The initial assumption is that usual lipsticks contain some not very safe not to say toxic components. So the collaboration aims at creating 6 lipsticks of gorgeous colors and made of respectful ingredients. Everyone can support this great initiative and depending on the contribution, is offered at least one lipstick for at least 20€! I liked the idea, to be part of a beautiful project, with a great team, I could not resist and supported myself the operation.
The goal is to collect 30000€, the project is just 3415€ away so join us and make it happen!!

absolution_christopheDanchaud_Sweet_Safe_KissSweet and safe kissSweet and safe kiss n°7Sweet and safe kiss n°19Sweet and safe kiss n°16Sweet and safe kiss n°8Sweet and safe kiss n°01Sweet and safe kiss n°11


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