Barrie Cachemire Chéri


wandering around Faubourg Saint Honoré, I discovered a beautiful, immaculate store with gorgeous cashmere pieces, I could not resist having a quick glance inside.
A charming young lady introduced me the history of the brand, founded in 1903 in Scotland, Barrie Knitwear is famously known for its excellence and savoir-faire. Provider of prestigious Fashion houses, including Chanel that acquired it in 2012, Barrie presented this year its second ready-to-wear collection.

Made from the most luxurious cashmere, the pieces are manufactured with a rare weaving technique using specific Japanese machines, 12 exactly, among the 15 existing in the world! The pieces are then washed in Scottish waters…

The prices are very high, the poncho is around 600€, yet the pieces are irresistible! Massive crush for the breton dress, that has a light Chanel touch!

En me baladant rue Faubourg Saint Honoré, j’ai découvert une petite boutique, immaculée, avec des cachemires magnifiques, impossible de ne pas rentrer jeter un coup d’œil.

Une charmante jeune femme m’a présenté l’histoire de la marque, créée en Ecosse en 1903, Barrie est connue mondialement pour son excellence et son savoir-faire. Fournisseur de maisons de mode prestigieuses, dont Chanel qui l’a racheté en 2012, Barrie en est à sa deuxième collection de Prêt-à-Porter cette année.

Composées du plus luxueux cachemire, les pièces sont fabriquées avec une technique de tissage assez pointue qui utilise des machines japonaises, 12 exactement, parmi les 15 qui existent dans le monde! Les pièces sont ensuite lavées dans des eaux écossaises…

Les prix sont très élevés, le poncho par exemple est autour de 600€, toutefois, je trouve les produits vraiment irrésistibles! Gros coup de coeur pour la robe marinière qui a une petite touche Chanel je trouve.Barrie_Knitwear Barrie_Small_Knitwear

Lily_Collins_Karl_Lagerfeld_Barrie_Blue Lily_Collins_Karl_Lagerfeld_Barrie_White Lily_Collins_Karl_Lagerfeld_Barrie



Dries Van Noten – Inspirations

I recently had the chance to attend Dries Van Noten – Inspirations exhibition held at Les Arts Décoratifs.

Wandering through the intimate universe of the Belgian designer was a delight, as we come across different pieces of art borrowed to the photography, music, movie extracts and even fashion that inspired his man and woman collections.

Dries Van Noten belongs to the « Antwerp Six », the informal group composed of Belgian avant garde fashion designers along with Ann Demeulemeester, Marina Yee, Walter Van Beirendonck, Dirk Van Saene and Dirk Bikkembergs. By the way, you can check how to pronounce some of them in the video « How to pronounce notoriously difficult design names ».

Expect to see quite a number of paintings in this exhibition as they represent the emotional trigger for entire collections such as the « Democrates are more beautiful »  by Elizabeth Peyton. But don’t expect all inpirations to be that obvious, some are more subtle, related to a color or a concept. What I liked about his collections is that women and men codes are often inverted, men will be assigned feminine features like lace, while women will get very masculine silhouettes.

We came across a guide that was explaining every inspiration panel and it was really worth listening to her explanations as they unveil the creation process and help understand all the references behind the elements composing the exhibition. I particularly liked the reference to two paintings that are nowhere alike: Gerhard Richter Mohn and a Bronzino portrait, Dries Van Noten explained that Bronzino portrait back surely resembles Gerhard Richter Mohn front, speaking of the textile detail below. He applied this idea to the flower embroideries sewn  the jackets in one of his collections (also in the cover of the book « Dries Van Noten).

Gerhard_Richter_MohnGerhard Richter Mohn


Bronzino portrait


Cover of  the book « Dries Van Noten »


Dries Van Noten, Photo by Tommy Ton

Now, here come the pictures of my favorite pieces, everything I like, brocade, camo prints, hammered silk, safran and gold color, sharp silhouettes, checked items…

Dries_Van_Noten_Inspirations_Beautyvanity Dries_Van_Noten_Inspirations_Beautyvanity_2 Dries_Van_Noten_Inspirations_Beautyvanity_7 Dries_Van_Noten_Inspirations_Beautyvanity_5 Dries_Van_Noten_Inspirations_Beautyvanity_4 Dries_Van_Noten_Inspirations_Beautyvanity_1 Dries_Van_Noten_Inspirations_Beautyvanity_8 Dries_Van_Noten_Inspirations_Beautyvanity_9 Dries_Van_Noten_Inspirations_Beautyvanity_3


If you ever have the chance to attend this exhibition, I strongly recommend you to do it, it is marvelous.
For your information, it lasts until end of august 2014.